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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions
Merchant Services Questions

At Betterpay, we have simplified the payment industry by creating a better payment experience with Zero Processing Costs.

Retail, restaurant, mobile, e-Commerce, medical, legal, accounting, professional services, hospitality and more.

  1. A business checking account
  2. A voided check with legal business name
  3. Tax ID Number

If your currently accepting payments a merchant statement will speed up your approval process.

Our simple online application takes only 5 minutes to complete. The approval process is usually within 24 hours. Once you are approved our account specialist will contact you to go over your equipment and account details.

Funds are typically deposited into your business account within 24 hours. We also provide the option for same day deposits for approved merchants.

We offer the following credit card devices and Betterpay's virtual terminal.

- Betterpay Virtual Terminal 

- Pax A920


Yes, we work with all major shopping carts to accept secure payments on your website. We can also integrate your existing account or set a new one up.

No, You can cancel at any time without penalty.

Savings amounts are individual to each merchant based on their processing volume and transactions fees. However, based on our finding, our merchants save an avg of 40% compared to traditional processors.

We still believe in picking up the phone and helping you with questions or concerns. We offer phone, live chat, and email support when your business needs it. (877) 423-8637 - info@btrpay.com

Cash Discount Questions
Cash Discount Questions

Betterpay's Cash Discount Program allows merchants to eliminate 100% of their processing fees by incentivizing shoppers & clients to pay with cash, for a discount. Customers who opt to pay via credit cards will typically pay a 4% line item on their receipt.

As of January 27, 2013, several Card industry changes went into effect with regards to the credit card company's federal class action litigation settlement. This change allows merchants to "offer a cash discount to customers and clients who pay with payment forms less expensive than traditional Bank Debit cards.

In order to be legally compliant and registered

1. Betterpay will provide a clear signage which is required by law to be displayed at the business entry point and the point-of-sale to easily and accurately explain the Cash Discount Program. If a customer or client chooses to pay with cash or check the service charge is discounted and the line item will not be applied.

2. The line item fee or discounted amount must be present on any generated receipts from the transaction.

Most merchants see an increase in cash sales due to the program. For merchants who process small items such as car washes and dry cleaners; notice that the cash discount fee is almost unnoticeable as a $10 item or service will only carry a .40 cent line item. In recent studies, 99.2% of the time the cash discount program was not an issue at the point-of-sale and had zero impact on sales. The Betterpay Cash Discount Program will always allow you to remove the non-cash adjustment line item for any customer. You will also have the option to switch back to traditional processing or Join our 0% Markup Program if you decide the Cash Discount program does not work for your business.

There are multiple credit card terminals and POS systems that work with Betterpay's Cash Discount Program including the Deja Vu Z8, Z11. For an additional $49.99 a month you can receive a Poynt Smart Terminal placement.

Working Capital Questions
Working Capital Questions

Typically 6 / 12 months

Last 4 months of merchant account statements
Last 4 months of business bank statements
Voided Business Check
Driver License / State ID

As little as 24/48hours from approval.

When you apply we do a soft credit pull, which does not impact your credit score.

No, It's absolutely free to apply

No collateral is required.

$5,000 - $500K

You can use your funds for practically anything for your business.
- New Hire & Payroll
- Moving & Remodeling
- Equipment & Inventory
- Bills & Utility
- Marketing

Simply The Better Choice

The Better Choice

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