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5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Would Be A Successful Entrepreneur

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Why Wonder Woman Would Be A Successful Entrepreneur

5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Would Be A Successful Entrepreneur

December 10th, 2017

Since her first appearance in 1942, Wonder Woman has been a comic book hero and role model. Generations of fans have been inspired by her determination and drive. Her pictures, TV shows and movies remind us to never give up on our dreams. Her singular focus, resilience and skills would have served her well in business, too.

Here are five qualities that would make Wonder Woman a highly successful business owner:


1. Confidence: 

Wonder Woman meets each challenge with stamina and grace, never doubting her ability to win or solve a problem. She stands tall during the most challenging situations, bravely defending her values of truth, justice and equality against gods, monsters and criminals. Entrepreneurs who have the courage of their convictions will outperform others who are plagued with doubts and tend to quit during tough times.

2. Learning from Failure:

Wonder Woman’s ability to pivot in the heat of battle would make her a worthy business competitor. Entrepreneurs need to calmly assess what isn’t working and make necessary corrections. Markets change all the time, and business owners must react quickly to evolving industry trends and customer requirements. This may mean scrapping a project and starting over, applying the lessons learned to a fresh new endeavor.

3. Team player:

Wonder Woman closely identifies with others. Her team spirit has been a guiding principle since she was a girl. She formed strong bonds with her mother and other women leaders. She improved her team-building skills when she joined the Justice League, where she learned how to work with others. Entrepreneurs who are effective at interpersonal communication are well positioned to share ideas, build consensus and win new business.

4. Leverage technology:

Wonder Woman was also an early adopter of wearable tech. Her bullet-deflecting bracelets serve as useful technologies in battle, but require her knowledge and skill to protect against attacks. Likewise, she wields her Lasso of Truth, a powerful communication tool that forces people to be honest. Entrepreneurs who invest in technology for their businesses need to fully understand their purpose, features and benefits to get the most out of implementation.

5. Fearless in battle:

Wonder Woman never hides from confrontation, bravely facing competitors and foes as she battles for what is right. Entrepreneurs face inside and outside threats as they grow and scale their businesses. They must face each challenge as it arises, and resolve to be transparent and accessible to employees, partners, customers and stakeholders in the process. Business owners must also clearly articulate their plans and strategies. Like Wonder Woman, they must face competitors head on, and not hide from inevitable setbacks. 

Wonder Woman’s story, like many business start-ups everywhere, is still being written. Entrepreneurs can borrow a page from her book to empower their own success.

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