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5 Tips Before You Start Your Own Podcast Have you ever listened to a podcast and thought to yourself “this seems easy, I can do that”? Well, if you haven’t already thought of creating your podcast, maybe it’s about time that you should. Why? Because many successful podcasters earn a six-figure income monthly from their […]

As difficult as many people find filing a tax return to be, filing for a federal tax extension is just simple and easy. If for any reason you find yourself to be unprepared for filing your taxes as the time draws near, you can ask the IRS for 6 months to get things in order […]

Filing for taxes is a daunting and confusing task. Even the smallest of mistakes can raise your tax bill significantly, lowering your net profits as a result. No wonder people find it to be very overwhelming and prefer hiring professionals to handle it. Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t have the budget to hire an accountant […]

Imagine this scenario – so your business is growing, and things are getting out of hands for you to manage alone. Your business is making enough money to afford hired help, and you are planning to divide responsibilities as well – perfect decision for a growing business. The only problem, you have no experience hiring […]

How U.S retail sales surpassed expectations in June U.S. retail sales grew more than expected in June, pointing to strong customer spending. The Commerce Department said on Tuesday retail sales rose by 0.4%. Last month Americans purchased more motor vehicles and a mixture of other goods. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast retail sales edging […]

Apple is introducing what they call a new kind of credit card. Apple is focused on simplicity transparency and privacy with this new card. The Apple card will also be linked to the popular mobile payment Apple Pay. Apple Pay currently allows users to send funds between each other and make secure NFC and online […]

Betterpay Introduces Bench Bookkeeping For Merchants Betterpay announces a new solution for bookkeeping and has partnered with Bench, who is America largest bookkeeping platform that automates financials better than any other company. Merchants can now enjoy a personal bookkeeping team to help them manage and categorize their books. Merchants can benefit from a professional team […]

Five reasons how Betterpay competes with Square. We all know there is a cost to accept credit cards. Whether you have been in business or starting a new one, you must know the cost that one pays to get their credit cards accepted — the processors who accept credit card charges you some fees. Some […]

Applying for a business credit card is sometimes last on the list for many entrepreneurs and that’s a mistake. Corporate cards enable commerce in today’s competitive market and benefit small business owners in myriad ways. Here are some examples:   Separate business and personal: Corporate cards separate business and personal expenses, enabling businesses to maintain separate […]

Finding the right business name for your establishment can have a significant influence on your success. Not only does keeping the wrong name fails to connect with your customers, but it also results in overwhelming legal and business hurdles. In contrast, when you have a great, clear business name, you can achieve more success in […]

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