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10 Tips For Improving & Promoting Your Small Business Website in 2022

10 Tips For Improving & Promoting Your Small Business Website in 2022

December 30th, 2021

Every small business deserves a website that helps them grow and gets them more sales than they are already getting. Your website should be able to turn visitors into your customers who can generate more sales and be advocates and showcase your website to introduce other prospects. 

Home page

The first impression of your website is your home page. If that can attract your visitors and hook them on, then your first step is achieved. Your headlines must be catchy and meaningful that can convert into sales.


Make communicating easier between your visitors and you. Provide a humanly touch by giving them accessibility to get instant answers and access to what they need. Live chat has been recommended and gets great results.

Business Blog

Make a blog section that answers questions that are common in the general public. Your visitors might google up some problems they are having and your business can help and provide the precise solution they are looking for. 

Tell your story 

Getting them to know you make the visitors feel connected and what better way to do than to tell your story. You can add pictures and videos and show your brand journey. 

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials give your brand extreme value in the eyes of prospects. A business with positive reviews is likely to generate long-term clients.

Add badges and logos

Add some badges to show your collaboration with an established company. Put their logos on your page to increase the credibility of your visitors, giving them confidence in doing business with you.

Remove the risk

If you have an e-commerce website, you know your customers, my fear credit-card information debt. Let them know that the information they put in is secured with end-to-end encryption.

Collect email addresses

You are new and that is why you would need their basic information like email. This is indeed the most useful and secure way of keeping your visitors in your network circle. 

Social Media Incorporation. 

A website is not complete without its link to social media platforms. The Facebook and Instagram association is extremely important for your business to grow within different sectors of society.

Offer Special Benefits

You should be providing visitors with an added incentive for visiting your website. You can offer some discounts, buy-1-get-1-free offers, coupons and the like keep bringing them back on your website. 

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