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Ten Tips for the working motherhood

Ten Tips for the Working Mother

June 4th, 2019

Motherhood is already a tough job itself before adding work to it. If you’re a working mother, you might be going through a difficult phase. With managing your company, parenting, self-care and time management there are a lot of skills that are involved. Some mothers are excellent at this job naturally, while some require guidance. Following are ten tips for the working motherhood.

  • Trust your Gut

If you’re running a company along with parenting, you always need to listen to your gut feeling. When you feel that your kids are being neglected and need your attention, you need to do so. Similarly, whenever you feel like you’re neglecting your business, you need to keep a balance.

  • Think before Acting

You might be excellent at multi-tasking but before considering taking on another project, think it through. Think about work life balance and then decide.

  • Set limits

A mother knows what wish should she approve of and what should she refuse to, same goes with running a business. Help others, but do not increase your burden.

  • Self-care

The first step to balancing both, motherhood and business is taking care of yourself. Then only you’d be able to do anything.

  • No comparisons

Don’t compare your working hours with that of others. This will only make way for negative emotions. Running a small business is hard and usually requires much longer hours than those with a traditional job.

  • No regrets.

Once you choose to be a business owner and a parent at the same time, own it.

  • Do not allow the pressure of one to affect the other.

Being a mother and a working woman can be overwhelming, but make it a rule to not let one thing affect the other.

  • When you get the time, enjoy your family to the fullest.

Me time and family time is really important. In your free time make sure that you are not working, instead, spend that time with your family.

  • Be satisfied with both.

If you are satisfied with your business and being a mother, you will be in a happier place.

  • Have faith in yourself.

Be confident and have faith in yourself that you can do both the tasks successfully.

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