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5 Tips your business can learn from Fair, the future of car ownership.

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Fair Car App -5 Tips your business can learn from Fair, the future of car ownership.

5 Tips your business can learn from Fair, the future of car ownership.

October 25th, 2018

Fair is the future of automobile ownership. “With no long-term contracts, Fair gives you the freedom to drive the car you want as long as you want and the flexibility to walk away at any time.” In a world where Air b&b and Uber continue to rise in popularity due to the sharing economy, Fair understood millennials value freedom more than anything.

1. No Contacts
Just like Fair, we at Betterpay believe our services should not come with a contract. By implementing a no-contract policy, you are letting your customer base know you are confident about the services and products you offer.

2. Best Price Guarantee
Fair says “You won’t find a lower monthly payment on a comparable loan or lease.” A best price guarantee also builds confidence as you are assuring clients you are providing the best value on your products and services.

3. Easy Setup or Registration
Fair allows customers to sign up right from there phones. The app also allows you to upload images of your driver license to increase the speed of signing up by populating your information. Create an easy and simple sign up process. Keep your forms short and don’t ask unnecessary questions as many companies ask survey questions at the end of an application to gather more info. The general rule is the simpler your forms are, the more you will receive.

4. Provide Options
Fair is providing options based on price points and vehicle type. If your a restaurant, coffee shop or retailer you should offer different portion sizes and a level of variety where it doesn’t overwhelm customers but makes them feel comfortable about deciding which option is best for them.

5. Disrupt your Industry
Think of new ways to improve or change how your industry does business. Fair’s concept is not new but new to the auto industry. We already shop around for insurance rates in a similar matter. Warby Parker sells glasses but what makes them different was creating a real shopping experience for an industry that has only survived thru physical locations. Dominos now delivers anywhere, to parks or outdoor events. Think of things other industries do that you are not doing, let’s think outside the box.

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