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5 ways to promote your business

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5 ways to promote your business

September 15th, 2017

There’s no better time than now to promote your business, and you don’t even need a marketing budget or engineering degree to get started. Today’s ample resources on the internet are simple, automated and free.

Here are five ways to use these platforms to build your brand:


1. Create a website:

You have only one chance to make an impression in the connected world, and websites are frequently the first destination for prospective clients and partners. Business owners can build websites in seconds, using cost-effective platforms and tools on WordPress, Squarespace, GoDaddy and other hosting services.

2. Leverage social media:

Business owners can use social media sites to engage with customers, followers and online communities. Studies have shown consumer traffic is steadily increasing on Facebook business pages, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn, where customers can engage with the personal side of a business and brand by reading online reviews and watching videos. It’s also easy and cost-effective to boost a post or advertise on Facebook and Twitter, by using ad manager tools designed to help manage costs and track performance.    

3. Host a webinar:

Webinars that address clients’ frequently asked questions are an effective way to educate new and existing customers while establishing the business as a knowledgeable resource. Presentations that informational rather than sales-oriented, position the presenter as a subject matter expert, building brand credibility and increasing potential for future relationships. 

4. Participate in your community:

Supporting local communities, by participating in events and volunteering time, energy and resources to charitable activities, can be a rewarding way to meet like-minded people and build brand recognition. Activities may include printing T-shirts for a sports team, purchasing a small ad in a high school yearbook or participating in a planning committee for annual events. Your sponsorship will be remembered, long after the events.

5. Engage with your industry:

Business owners who enroll in industry associations, participate in activities and exhibit in trade shows can develop valuable business relationships. They can also write letters and opinion columns for industry trade publications, which will help them build credibility and gain followers. 

These are just a few examples of how to promote your business with minimal upfront investment of time or money. Many internet resources are simple to use and free of charge. Large and small companies use these tools and platforms to build their brands, share ideas and participate in the robust online marketplace.

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