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Bitcoin can be a powerful tool for small businesses. With its decentralized nature, Bitcoin can help businesses avoid the high fees associated with traditional banking systems. Additionally, Bitcoin can provide a level of security and transparency that is often lacking in other payment methods. Finally, Bitcoin can help businesses reach a global market of customers […]

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re always looking for new ways to market your business and reach your target audience. So why not consider creating an NFT (non-fungible token)? NFTs are a unique digital asset that cannot be replicated. This makes them perfect for businesses that want to offer something unique to their […]

If you have a retail or service business, your foot traffic is also likely drastically reduced, maybe even non-existent. Perhaps you’ve thought about bringing your business online, but aren’t sure where to begin. This post details two different options available through Clover to get your store online as quickly and easily as possible: Ecwid and […]

Verifone, a global producer of POS, has introduced another integrated POS – Verifone Carbon 5 and 8. This POS system is a smaller and affordable version of the Carbon 10. This system has been designed for small to mid-sized businesses such as restaurants and retailers. As the name portrays, Verifone Carbon 8 is a high […]

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