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As a small business owner, you may not have the luxury of a large HR department to help you find and hire the right employees. You may be the one responsible for all hiring decisions in your company. This can be a daunting task, but it is possible to find great employees if you know […]

Determine your company’s needs First and foremost, you must assess whether your company can function as a home office or whether it requires particular facilities. In general, a home office might be beneficial for a business engaged in consulting, web design, graphic design, or content development. Similarly, businesses that do not require more than one employee, […]

From January through November, just under 5 million new businesses were launched, a jump of 55 percent over the same period in 2019. A surge in new business formation suggests that the coronavirus pandemic has created a landscape in which entrepreneurs and startups can thrive and new innovations can break ground. “This time has been […]

Retail stores are very much popular these days. More and more new stores are opening up giving a hard time to the existing people, mainly in terms of better services. As new setups come into the market, the old ones are still using their traditional methods and have difficulty pacing with the latest trends. Customers […]

KEEP YOUR DISTANCE TIPS FOR LIMITING MERCHANT-CUSTOMER INTERACTION TAP AND PAY AND GO Newer payment terminals and POS’s already offer the option for payments via digital wallets. Near-Field Communication technology (or NFC) like Tap to Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay allow customers to make zero contact with a person to remit payment. EASY PAYMENT […]

Brick-and-mortar businesses across America are reopening their doors. However, many are a little anxious about how much their new operating costs will eat into their profits. Safety First The most important factor, of course, is maintaining safety guidelines set by the CDC local governing bodies. Besides preventing the spread of infection, it gives consumers the […]

So, you have excess inventory after the holidays. You are not alone. This is a common scenario faced by all retailers, as they spend months preparing for the holiday season, only to be left with the back of the store full of post-holiday inventory. This isn’t good for many reasons. Many products have infinite life […]

Here are five tips to ensure a safe, socially distanced and successful holiday shopping season in Covid time. The pandemic and its economic fallout are going to make it exceedingly difficult for retailers to have a merry Christmas. The industry is expected to see an uptick in seasonal sales of a measly 1% to 1.5%, […]

Now that local government and health regulations are lifting, businesses are welcoming their customers back, and are eager for new ways to offer them a superior experience. A superior experience is more important than ever. According to Salesforce, 74% of consumers say that they’ll switch brands if they find the purchase process to be too cumbersome. Today’s […]

Small businesses across the country are reeling from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Nearly every business owner has had to make tough choices about how to stay afloat. Many have scrambled to find creative solutions to bring in revenue even during lockdowns. As states and communities take those first steps to reopening and […]

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