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4 Simple Ways Your Business Can Improve By Using A Poynt Smart Terminal

4 Simple Ways Your Business Can Improve By Using A Poynt Smart Terminal

October 16th, 2020

Now that local government and health regulations are lifting, businesses are welcoming their customers back, and are eager for new ways to offer them a superior experience. A superior experience is more important than ever. According to Salesforce, 74% of consumers say that they’ll switch brands if they find the purchase process to be too cumbersome.

Today’s businesses need to intensify their focus on convenience and in meeting increasing demands from their customers to win their business and loyalty. Here are 4 simple ways to do just that.

Offer Contactless Payments

You and your customers want safe and secure transactions that give them the product or service they’re looking for while keeping your business solvent. There are some obvious benefits to contactless payments:

  • It removes cash from the transaction and lowers the chances of spreading a virus from customer to employee and back again.
  • With no need to touch a physical terminal, customers and staff face less chance of infection.
  • With no PIN entry or other buttons to push, transactions are faster.

Contactless payments allow everyone to practice social distancing while still taking care of their essential needs.

Expand Into Omnicommerce Transactions

Give your customers the convenience of transactions on their terms—whether that’s in a brick-and-mortar location, online, or over the phone. No one wants to continue entering their information over and over if they’ve given you their card once, so make sure you have a card-on-file storage solution for your customers, like Poynt Invoices.

Poynt Processing lets you accept transactions:

  • In-person
  • Ecommerce—web or mobile
  • Invoices—including card-on-file and recurring payments
  • Keyed in using Virtual Terminal

Offer Curbside Service

In addition to contactless payments, curbside pickup will be another invaluable tool for retail—especially foodservice businesses—to keep revenue at its pre-COVID amounts. 

Companies with Omni commerce capability can allow customers to pay ahead and pick up on-site. To offer the safest and most convenient customer service experience, businesses with a Wi-Fi-enabled device—like Poynt’s P5—can come to the curb to enable the payment transaction, so the customer never needs to even come in your front door.

If you want to go above and beyond, with 3rd party apps like AppLova (available in our App Center), your business can quickly create your own custom branded order-ahead or order-online app.

Communicate Your Commitment to Health & Safety

One of the simplest ways to put your customers at ease—ensuring their trust and loyalty going forward—is to be clear about your health and hygiene policies, outlining the steps you are taking to ensure the safety of your supply chain, your facility, your employees, and your customers.

Post signage in visible locations where your customers can see and review your actions, such as special hours for vulnerable populations, offering curbside pickup, or installing plastic barriers between customer and cashier. Consider including details such as cleaning and sanitization protocols, building ventilation protocols, and policies and procedures that assist in the identification of sick employees. Designate a point-of-contact for customers to direct questions to if needed.

If you communicate with your customers using a messaging app or via email, stay in touch with them regarding your progress as your business resumes operations.

Final Notes on Opening Back Up

Having the right payment solution in place will help you as customers test the waters again. If your business is still relying on the same cash register or POS system you’ve been using for years, it may be time to upgrade. 

For more information on how to get a FREE Poynt terminal for your business visit us at www.btrpay.com

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