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5 Ways to improve your salon business in 2019

5 ways to improve your salon business in 2019

June 17th, 2019

It is a fact that people who have previously worked in a salon have a better chance of being successful when they open their own. However, the following tips given below can help anyone improve their salon business in 2019. If applied correctly, these tips will help you attract new clients and gain their loyalty as well.

Choose a theme and build your salon business around it.

It is as if a salon with a specific niche has exclusivity attached to it. It is perceived that they are the experts in their niche; hence, they can charge more. So, decide your niche according to your area of expertise, do your market research, and check if there is any gap that you can fill that the other salons have left empty. You can open a salon for eyes which includes doing eyebrows, depuffing treatments, or eyelash extensions or you can open a nail bar. If you have more grip on the makeup side, then you can specify your niche to bridal makeup. Launching a salon that is dedicated to working with skincare is in trend and can be turned into a skincare product brand later in time. There are so many ideas. Just identify your area of interest and work towards it.

Do not neglect your staff.

Everyone deserves a healthy work/ life balance. Your employees are human beings who have their own life, their goals to work toward, and people they love and need to spend time with. Making them overwork is not the key to run a successful salon business in 2019. People are now more aware of their self-worth than they were earlier. If you do not treat your staff well, they will either take it out on the customers or leave. Both of these options do not work in your favor. So, plan a workable and flexible schedule for your staff and offer them a fair and competitive pay. Other than this, offer some extra perks to your employees as well. Be strict and disciplined but do not turn their job into a living nightmare. If your employees are happy, they more often then not are willing to go the extra mile to do the job right.

Fulfill the wishes of your clients.

The best way to make your customers happy is by taking their feedback and working towards fulfilling their wishes. If they complain about the environment, then improve it. If they say that the prices are too high, then offer seasonal discounts. These discounts are very profitable because it attracts a lot of new customers and if they end up liking your services, then they will be willing to pay nearly any price you charge.

Join hands with a brand.

Get in business with a product brand that you use. Offer to sell and advertise their products in return of commission out of every sale conducted through your salon. The customers do not want to listen to your random blabbering. So, while assisting your customers, subtly pitch the product and propose an offer to sell.

Make unique offers to your clients.

If you are making unique offers to your customers that other salons are not, then you are already on the road to success. Put out offers that your customers cannot deny. You can choose a month or a specific day where you offer your services for a lot less. Another thing that you can do is set up deal packages at a lower rate than usual. You can also start a referral program where the customer who brings a new client receives a reward. You can also host seasonal giveaways or event.

Julio Marketing Director at betterpay
“When looking at this industry, I would recommend creating a ladies night event where you can celebrate fashion or life. Create a partnership with local retailers to offer your clients an exclusive monthly code for savings on the latest dresses and shoes, etc. The concept is to create a brand and lifestyle for your clients. “

The possibilities are endless, and if you correctly execute them, then your salon business will flourish in no time. You must also not forget to market your services through your social media accounts because it is one of the most significant ways to attract new customers. Remember to be as aesthetic as possible.

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