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Betterpay vs. Square

Betterpay vs. Square

March 25th, 2022

The Great Battle – Payment Platforms

Betterpay vs. Square

If you have a business or preparing to run a business of any kind, we all know you need to be able to accept all forms of payments from customers.

However, discovering the right payment platform can seem to feel overwhelming. There are tons of factors such as devices, rates, fees, etc.

Betterpay and Square are two of the most popular and well-known payment platforms. Both companies give small business owners an easy way to accept payments without a minimum monthly revenue.

One key factor thats separates Betterpay and Square is that Betterpay allows you to pass on the processing fees to your customers. Think, Gas Stations as most allow you to pay less if you use cash.

Below we compared the two platforms to help you decide the right fit for you.


FREE Card Reader
$299.00 Square Terminal – NFC & EMV Apple Pay
2.6% Processing Fees + $0.10 Cent Transaction ( In-person purchasing )
3.5 % Processing Fees + $0.15 Cent Transaction Fee( Card not present )

For more information on Square Pricing visit https://squareup.com/us/en/payments/our-fees


Free Card Reader
Free Betterpay Terminal – NFC & EMV Apple Pay
Cash Discount Program

How are we able to save you 95% Processing? simple

Betterpay’s Cash Discount Program allows merchants to eliminate 95% of their processing fees by incentivizing shoppers & clients to pay with cash for a discount. Customers who opt to pay via credit cards will typically pay a 4% line item on their receipt.

For more information about our Cash Discount Program visit https://btrpay.com/cash-discount/

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