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Betterpay Introduces Bench Bookkeeping For Merchants

Betterpay Introduces Bench Bookkeeping For Merchants

July 11th, 2019

Betterpay Introduces Bench Bookkeeping For Merchants

Betterpay announces a new solution for bookkeeping and has partnered with Bench, who is America largest bookkeeping platform that automates financials better than any other company. Merchants can now enjoy a personal bookkeeping team to help them manage and categorize their books. Merchants can benefit from a professional team at a price they can afford with powerful financial reporting software and a zero learning curve.

Merchants will be able to access Bench via desktop or iPhone. Bench allows merchants to contact their team with a simple messaging feature. Betterpay’s goal is to bring merchants a piece of mind and to enable them to run their business smarter and better. Merchants will also enjoy a 1-month free trial and 20% off the following six months with pricing starting $108 a month.

For more info and special pricing, please visit https://btrpay.com/bookkeeping/ no coupon code required

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