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Five reasons how Betterpay competes with Square.

Five reasons how Betterpay competes with Square.

July 11th, 2019

Five reasons how Betterpay competes with Square.

We all know there is a cost to accept credit cards. Whether you have been in business or starting a new one, you must know the cost that one pays to get their credit cards accepted — the processors who accept credit card charges you some fees. Some of them charge a good amount of fees others charge you less. Let us take a look at how Betterpay competes with Square.

  1. Customer support

If you wanted to talk to a human at Square, you might not be able to get the best support. Instead, they might ask you to go to the support center first. From there, you would search through their FAQS, and topics to get answers to your questions. However, the customer support at Betterpay is brilliant as they provide 24/7 customer payment support. If you have any problem, their customer support gives you online live chat so that your questions get answered.

  1. Fees

Betterpay believes in pricing options, whether thru an interchange-plus or a subscription base plan. Every Betterpay merchant is set up with a free terminal that allows them to accept all-major payments. However, Square terminal charges major cards at 2.75% and also per swap — square charges based on which payment terminal you’ve purchased. Square does not charge any monthly fees; tho their entry rates are considered much higher compared to a new merchant account at Betterpay.

  1. Ease of use

Betterpay foundry portal provides feasibility for its merchants. Its dashboard is easy to use. If you have any problem regarding anything, customer support is always there to help you. Everyone can use Betterpay even with little knowledge of how a payment system works.
Betterpay also partnered with the best payment technology companies to bring you Clover, Poynt, Verifone, and Swipe Simple devices. This allows merchants to have options with which technology best works for them.

  1. More Solutions

Betterpay offers a wide range of services and solutions for merchants. From merchant services such as traditional payment processing, zero % markup subscription plan, and a surcharge program allowing merchants to offer savings to customers paying cash. Betterpay also provides small business loans like Square Capital the main difference is that merchants do not have to have an account with Betterpay to apply and in most cases, merchants can obtain much larger loans thru Betterpay. The latest solution, Betterpay, is offering is bookkeeping services. They have partnered with America’s largest bookkeeping company Bench to provide merchants with the best personal team and software to grow their business.

  1. Advance Technology

Betterpay continues to add the best possible payment devices to its lineup. As with Square, you are limited by what they can create and update. Products like the new Verifone Carbon 10 will feature advance POS technology with an open platform to allow app builders to add more features. Products like Poynt and Verifone are fully designed to take advantage of the open market.

For more information on Betterpay Merchant Services please visit https://btrpay.com/merchant-services-credit-card-processing/ or contact us at (877) 423-8637, Info@btrpay.com

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