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5 Ways Hashtags Can Sell Your Story

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5 ways hashtags can sell your story

5 Ways Hashtags Can Sell Your Story

September 1st, 2017

A few well-placed hashtags can help sell your content. When Twitter rolled them out in 2007, bloggers, content marketers and, media companies were early adopters. Today, hashtags are everywhere, from billboards and smart posters to magazines and social media.

Here are 5 ways hashtags can help you stand out, get noticed and get more clicks:


1. Expand your reach:

The right hashtags in the right places will link you to a wider audience, connecting you with digital communities of like-minded people. In these digital communities, you can participate in discussions and link your content to trending topics.

2. Gain followers:

Hashtags amplify your message by delivering your published content to people who share your interests. This will delight your existing base while attracting new, premier followers who share your links and posts with their extensive, high-quality networks. 

3. Connect with influencers:

In addition to helping you connect with target audiences, hashtags create opportunities to engage with subject matter experts in your industry or area of interest. Connecting with these influencers can increase your engagement while helping to expand your sphere of influence.    

4. Become discoverable:

As a popular search tool, hashtags increase your visibility with people who are searching online for your business, solution or subject matter. By linking your content to your industry and areas of specialization, they make you discoverable to followers, influencers, customers and those who matter most. 

5. Boost engagement:

Hashtags increase shares, likes, and retweets on social media, according to recent studies. Event hashtags link you to specific venues, such as conferences and sporting events. Twitter chat hashtags go a step further by placing you in immediate, real-time chat with others who share your interests, as you interact online by using the same unifying hashtag.

When you use hashtags on social media, you increase your online presence. Each social media site has its own unique rules of engagement. For example, hashtags are used sparingly on Twitter, where tweets are limited to 140 characters. And while Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, using that many in a single post is not recommended.

As you become familiar with the different approaches to hashtags, you can leverage each social media platform. This will help you gain visibility and followers, connect with influencers and communities and boost engagement. Additional background information about hashtags can be found at hashtagify.me; an automatic hashtag generator is available at all-hashtag.com.


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