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How To Tell Your Story On Social Platforms in 2019

How To Tell Your Story On Social Platforms

June 13th, 2019

All individuals or small business owners have their own stories to tell. Stories that inspire others and help them feel an attachment to us. Although you might feel that no one listens to a new entrepreneur, your story can connect to others on how you successfully managed your business, employees, or product development. Your customers want to listen to how you understand them and what you have to offer. Hence, its time take a step forward and design and articulate your own story on social media platforms and get heard.

Storytelling on Social Media

To be a great storyteller, you need to be a fantastic reverse engineering expert. No, it doesn’t require getting a science degree, but your imagination. Reverse engineer your story and talk about what you wish to achieve in the coming months and years, list down the steps to reach them, your struggles, your goals, and the hardships. Because tough times don’t last forever, think about the happiness around. You can also share your experience when you first adopted a new design or the technology you created to change the world. If your story connects, there is a high chance people will use your products or services.

Making Connections on Social media

There are plenty of platforms at your disposal to benefit from. However, every platform has a different audience. Tailor your story to suit the platform audience by knowing how long their attention span is. A Tweet can be short but can include videos and infographics. Snapchat is robust and direct, while Facebook is a different community. Share how you heard your customer needs, and responded by adopting by creating a product or service that’s different from others.

If you wish to succeed, make sure your story reflects it.

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