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How can retailers and e-commerce stores prepare for black Friday 2018?

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How can retailers and e-commerce stores prepare for black Friday 2018?

November 5th, 2018

On the fourth Friday of November, prepare yourself for Black Friday. It is known to be one of the most jam-packed shopping days of the year. It is usually then followed by the day after Thanksgiving. Holiday seasons are typically when people spend the most; as a result, 30 percent of sales occur just between Black Friday to Christmas. The Black Friday weekend is one of the busiest weekends for merchants because they receive more 137 million customers throughout the day. The number of customers keeps increasing by millions throughout the years visiting stores.

Many retailers often start offering deals before Black Friday. This helps to accelerate the excitement for the big day. Often the most profitable deals are before the big day. As competition each year gets stronger and stronger, retailers are coming up with unique ways to grab the buyers attention. The deals keep getting better as the week of Thanksgiving passes.

In today’s world, everything has been made very efficient for us. Whether it would be food, groceries or shopping, we are just a click away from having them. Big stores like Walmart and Target have been trying different things to get people to come to their stores. Even though people can not altogether abandon the concept of physically being present at the store, the majority prefer to stay home and shop online. Walmart released a report suggesting that 75 percent of their sales occurred from their website online.

As a retailer, you need to prepare for a stream of customers before the big weekend; Whether you run a shop or operate an online website. Here are some ways retailers can prepare for the Black Friday. To start, use eye-catching displays. Black Friday is all about enthusiasm, and you have to build your customers curiosity. You should display your best deals outside, which will make customers want to come in and dig deeper. This also applies to coupon or affiliate sites as they will help create more exposure for your holiday sale. Also, pay extra attention to your audience online. Since there will be a massive number of people web browsing, it is your Responsibility to ensure the system does not slow down or crash. You can switch your servers to Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform if you think your server can not handle such a large number of users. They already host as servers for many e-commerce websites. As research shows, consumers are using their mobile phones to purchase products. In 2017 more than ever before more than half of purchases made during Black Friday was through a mobile phone.

Furthermore, you should take in account of the products you have, the price you will be selling them at and create a plan for your sale in advance. You should start marketing your sale such as handing out flyers, placing an ad or posting it on social media. We recommend to also promote via Youtube this year as this will allow you to reach more potential customers in your area explaining all your deals.

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