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How to hire a seasonal worker this holiday season?

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How to hire a seasonal worker this holiday season?

December 5th, 2018

It might seem difficult to hire, but things do not have to seem like this. Are you looking for ways to hire seasonal workers this year? Well, we have some tips to make hiring as effective and smooth as possible this holiday season.

Look for former seasonal employees

So how was your seasonal employees’ pool last year? Are any of those are looking for work this season too? Maybe there will be some of them in need of cash this year also and would like you to return to work this year too.

Before you post job descriptions or going through resumes, call them and send them emails who worked last holiday season for you and save your time in searching for new seasonal workers and training them.

Post on big platforms

People who would like to job this holiday season would be searching right now. Therefore, it is better to start recruiting now. Update your postings of job, add them to all job recruitment sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, etc., and promote jobs postings on your social media sites. Also, do not forget to categorize your jobs as seasonal, part-time, temporary or whatever you are looking for. However, you can also google more niche job sites that may cater to a specific industry. These sites can help you in finding right workers much master.

Look for retires

If you want experienced employees with flexible working hours then retired people would be perfect for you. Most of the retired people look for seasonal jobs to change their environment and some look for extra cash when retirement checks do not seem enough for them. Also, retired employees are more likely to return each holiday season as compared to college students.


It would be so beneficial in asking your previous and current employees for referrals because most of the time your good working employees may have relatives or friends having same working ethics. In addition, they may know about those who are looking for seasonal employment. So, add employee referral program to your company, like giving a bonus or gift with each new hire they recommended. This would keep the working environment competitive

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