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5 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Marketing Ideas for small businesses

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5 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Marketing Ideas for small businesses

5 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Marketing Ideas for small businesses

November 20th, 2018

We all know this is the busiest shopping season of the year. Small business owners will need to plan and strategize how they can gobble up more sales and stand out from their competitors. Here are some marketing ideas to help plan for Thanksgiving and Black Friday:

1. Thank Your Loyal Customers

It’s a perfect time to thank your loyal customers for their business and offer them a special deal in return. Create ads using all of your small business marketing channels to spread the word with emails and promo codes.


2. Create A Holiday Marketing Video Promoting Your Sales

Connect with your community by creating a holiday sales guide video featuring your team with happy holiday wishes. It will be thoughtful as customer love to see who is behind their emails and phone calls.


3. Run Black Friday Promotions All Week

Offer Black Friday deals thru Cyber Monday with different offers each day to encourage repeat visitors. This will keep customers engage and create more awareness on various products. Informing your customers of your weekly sale will help them know they are receiving the best deal and may purchase without any hesitation.


4. Offer A Special Gift With A Purchase

Reward those that spend a certain amount with a nonconventional store gift. For instance, Victoria Secret runs specials during the holidays, if a customer spends over a certain amount they can receive a branded blanket or scarf. This also helps promote the brand or a future product category.


5. Celebrate In Store

The week of Thanksgiving has everyone thinking about food and shopping. So why not offer your customers a slice of that great local pie or holiday drink. Celebrate in store and together as this lets them know you are thankful for there business.

Happy Thanksgiving from the better team and remember to pass the corn and biscuits. Enjoy this wonderful week of love with family and drive safe.


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