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5 Things Companies Can Learn From The Milk Bar

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5 Things Companies Can Learn From The Milk Bar

November 13th, 2018

Milk Bar is a dessert and lifestyle brand. Bon Appétit magazine named Milk Bar “one of the most exciting bakeries in America”. Founded by award-winning pastry chef and tv personality Christina Tosi, Milk Bar opened its doors for the first time in NYC’s East Village in 2008. They quickly became a cult sensation and part of the city’s culture. Milk Bar has been expanded to Washington, D.C., Toronto, Las Vegas and most recently, Los Angeles, they are known for astonishing desserts including a Crack Pie®, the Compost Cookie®, “naked” layer cakes with unfrosted sides, and Cereal Milk Soft Serve, among other playful and craveable treats.

Here is a list of 5 things companies around the world can learn about Christina Tosi and the Milk Bar.

1. Recreate Your Favorite Desserts or Pastry items

Just like the Crack Pie, Christina recreated a simple pie in a new way. Sometimes recreating the wheel is making something taste or look different from its original form. Reimagine how your favorite dessert or item should be as Christina believes every bite should take you back to being a kid again. Many brands are now adding additional style to items that express personality.

2. Redesign Your Presentation

One of Milks Bar most famous cakes is the naked layer cake with unfrosted sides. Christina believes the most beautiful part of a cake is the inside and why should we hide it with traditional frosting. Continue to reimagine how desserts and items should look like. Something as small as changing the color helps re-create the presentation of an item.

3. Become Part of Your Communities Culture

Milk Bar offers classes to fans and children so they can learn how to bake their most famous cakes and pies. Christina believes everyone should fall in love with baking and she welcomes schools and families to bake with love and passion. Creating events and supporting the local community is a great way to make your city recognize your brand and business.

4. Test-Test-Test Until You Can’t Stop Eating It

One of Christina skills is her determination to continue to test. She believes in finding perfection in every bite; her staff does not stop testing over and over until the result leads to having a true Milk bar experience. Test your products and ideas over and over until you are satisfied with the results.

5. Create a Holiday theme

For this holiday season, Milk Bar has introduced some new items on the menu like the Pumpkin dulce duo and Pumpkin pie remix. One of the most interesting new holiday items is the Thanksgiving Croissant a savory match made in Thanksgiving heaven with roasted turkey, homemade gravy and cranberry sauce tucked into a stuffing-flavored dough, baked to perfection. The Thanksgiving Croissant will only be available for this month alone, this creates a need to visit their locations this holiday season. Become more mindful of trends and seasonality as your business can theme products base on the current landscape.

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