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How will customers shop and pay this holiday season?

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How will customers shop and pay this holiday season?

How will customers shop and pay this holiday season?

November 8th, 2018

With the financial market becoming more confident about the 2018 holiday season, they expect more customers to shop by at least 10 -15% compared to last year. More and more customers are using different devices to make purchases and continue to require an easy and secure checkout process while using their watch, phones, and computers.
Many business communities fail to provide customers with a diverse range of payment options. That is a huge blow which many business owners take every holiday season. What if this could be different by providing your business with excellent merchant services this holiday season? It would be phenomenal now, wouldn’t it? We at Betterpay are one of the fastest growing payment processing companies, and we are willing to set up and provide business owners with a chance to offer their customers ease of shopping freely and paying for the product or services as they see fit.

We help business owners accept credit cards at the lowest possible rate;
While providing our merchants with the most secured, fastest deposits.

A simple and better way to take payments
-Free Credit Card Reader
-No Contracts
-Chargeback Protection
-0% markup

Customers agree when a business provides them with all the resources from which they can benefit. This can include flexibility in payment, using various payment methods as they see fit or simply providing them with a diverse or unique variety of items or things they are looking for.

Secure payments
We can help you set up a secured payment channel at your shop and get your head in the game, without ever having to worry about all those financial transactions taking place. Rest assured that by installing a Betterpay verified payment system and providing the ease of payment for shoppers; you will get more volume, get your sales up and pay only for true processing cost without any additional charges. Get on contact today and get yourself all set up for this year’s Grand Holiday Season.

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