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How work life balance improves productivity

Learn How Work-Life Balance Improves Productivity

June 13th, 2019

We often hear that maintaining work-life balance leads to productivity. How true is that? Before moving any further, let’s first define work-life balance. The word is self-explanatory; it means to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life without allowing one to affect the other. Research conducted by the Corporate Executive Board shows that keeping a work-life balance results motivates employees to provide better results, and to discourage them from quitting/switching their jobs. One of the best concept to retain employees.

Employees, whether male or female, have similar views on the idea of work-life balance. What benefits are employees looking for? Employees are usually interested in flexible hours, no over-time, and appropriate workload. If employees are burdened with massive amounts of work every day; as a result, their productivity may deteriorate.

Your company would want employees who are productive and hardworking. If your employees are spending a lot of their time in their workplace burdened with work while the quality of work remains worse, it will result in decreasing productivity. Workload should be managed and divided evenly amongst all employees so that each employee can complete his/her work within office hours. Research indicates that a positive way of life through maintaining work-life balance will eventually increase the productivity of employees. Hence, this will lead to the growth of your business.

Therefore, if you establish certain boundaries between your personal and professional life, you’ll be encouraged and satisfied. They say “happy people work hard.” If organizations want their employees to work hard, they should focus on productivity rather than work hours. Quality of work matters the most. Companies are now providing incentives such as paid vacations, option to work from home, and other benefits to encourage their employees and increase their productivity.

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