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How to inspire your team

5 Tips on How To Inspire Your Team

April 22nd, 2019

Inspire responsibility and provide autonomy. At any organization with great vision, even the most junior employees carry a lot of responsibility. Hold people accountable to big expectations and give them the autonomy to make their own decisions (with minimal guidance). This creates an environment of resourcefulness that strongly supports creativity.

1. Ask Better Team Questions in Meetings.

Consider asking your team questions like “How might we improve X … or How can we completely reimagine Y or How can we accomplish Z?.” Asking the right questions will get your team members involved and expand their views. This helps by creating a process where all staff members feel they can voice their opinion.null

2. Put Your Staff First.

Placing clients first is a common catchword, but we can learn from winning CEOs like Virgin Group’s Richard Branson and Zappos’ Tony Hsieh, who have demonstrated that putting your team members first is in fact what makes customers happy. It’s common sense to support your people and defend them; this will demonstrate loyalty and unity. null

3. Promote Work-Life Balance

Nothing can motivate employees better than having the perfect work-life balance. Be a considerate team leader and give employees tasks and projects that they can complete during the office hours. Avoid stay backs unless necessary. Give your employees a chance to manage their work from home if they have a personal emergency and they need to head home. This will inspire and motivate your team to work hard.

4. Inspire Responsibility and Provide Independence.

At any company with big ideas, even the junior employees carry a lot of responsibility. Hold people responsible and give them the freedom to make their own decisions (with the least guidance). This creates an atmosphere of resourcefulness and scrappiness that greatly encourages creativity.null

5. Have Some Fun.

If people aren’t having any fun, they aren’t going to be inspired or be creative. Ask your workers to tell you what is enjoyable for them?. Some organizations bring foosball tables in or go out for lunch at least one day a week. Having some fun can drastically improve your team morale.

Inspiring your team requires an investment of time and energy the results are that more people will be willing to participate in ideas, to tell the truth when they’ve made a mistake and to offer solutions when the going gets rough. The end result will add to a more creative, connected, and higher accomplishing team.

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