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If you have a retail or service business, your foot traffic is also likely drastically reduced, maybe even non-existent. Perhaps you’ve thought about bringing your business online, but aren’t sure where to begin. This post details two different options available through Clover to get your store online as quickly and easily as possible: Ecwid and […]

Due to recents and COVID-19 Small business owners are now further investing in mobility options to please their clients. They also do this to improve operational proficiency. With apps developed by Apriva and patented hardware from AnywhereCommerce, Mobile Pay strives to offer a highly flexible approach to mobile payments. How Companies Can Benefit from a […]

As difficult as many people find filing a tax return to be, filing for a federal tax extension is just simple and easy. If for any reason you find yourself to be unprepared for filing your taxes as the time draws near, you can ask the IRS for 6 months to get things in order […]

Betterpay Merchants will now have access to America’s largest bookkeeping company, Bench. Bench Accounting is a complete bookkeeping service, with real people together in one big (beautiful) office, crunching numbers, staring at receipts, doing your bookkeeping. If your tired of doing your books or need help catching up and hope to review your company financials […]

Betterpay Introduces Bench Bookkeeping For Merchants Betterpay announces a new solution for bookkeeping and has partnered with Bench, who is America largest bookkeeping platform that automates financials better than any other company. Merchants can now enjoy a personal bookkeeping team to help them manage and categorize their books. Merchants can benefit from a professional team […]

Five reasons how Betterpay competes with Square. We all know there is a cost to accept credit cards. Whether you have been in business or starting a new one, you must know the cost that one pays to get their credit cards accepted — the processors who accept credit card charges you some fees. Some […]

Verifone, a global producer of POS, has introduced another integrated POS – Verifone Carbon 5 and 8. This POS system is a smaller and affordable version of the Carbon 10. This system has been designed for small to mid-sized businesses such as restaurants and retailers. As the name portrays, Verifone Carbon 8 is a high […]

Accepting credit cards may be a cost of doing business, but there’s no reason to overpay for it. A merchant service provider who understands a small business owner’s requirements can create a customized processing solution to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies. A good processing partner can also help merchants evaluate their current systems and find […]

Why do chargebacks happen and how can merchants avoid them?   There are many reasons, and up to 151 reason codes, according to Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Merchants and card brands have found most chargebacks fall into these five categories: 1. Fraudulent, Non-authorized Transactions: Fraudulent and non-authorized transactions represent approximately 52 percent of […]

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