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Top 5 blogs for Women Entrepreneur

May 22nd, 2019

Studies have indicated that the leadership style of women varies from that of men. When it comes to managing people and leading, women are more inclined to seek guidance and look forward to collaborations. There are some amazing blogs on the internet which are a source of knowledge, advice, and encouragement for women entrepreneurs. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can seek help from the following entrepreneurship blogs.

  1. Women Entrepreneurs
    Women Entrepreneurs is an information-rich blog that deals with everything from ‘how to’ blogs to encouraging anecdotes. Furthermore, it also features video interviews of business leaders such as Sherry Lansing.
  2. She Owns It
    This blog is one of the most inspirational ones as it adopts a ‘can-do’ tone which is very motivating for women entrepreneurs. The central idea behind this blog is to support, connect and celebrate women entrepreneurs. Topics include ‘how to’ articles and tips on becoming a successful business person. https://sheownsit.com/
  3. Women 2.0
    Women 2.0 is an information blog that covers a wide variety of topics such as politics, startups, technology, investing and more. Interestingly, this website has also launched ‘Lane’, which is a platform that helps females to connect with recruiters at top firms. https://women2.com/
  4. Women Who Startup
    A great platform that places emphasis on providing opportunities of rapid-learning to women entrepreneurs, who will be turning into leaders of tomorrow. They update their blog every month and include podcast interviews of business leaders. https://www.womenwhostartup.com/
  5. The League of Her Own
    Another amazing blog which through its content provides inspiration to many women entrepreneurs out there. The content includes everything from ‘leading a firm while pregnant’ and ‘attracting customers on social media’. Furthermore, this blog also consists of membership programs and videos related to selling and entrepreneurship. http://leagueofher.com/

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