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4 Ways To Promote Your Gift Card Programs

4 Ways to Promote Your Gift Card Program

May 16th, 2019

Business promotion is an essential part of running a successful company. A business owner will need to use various ways to promote their business, and gift card is one of the most effective forms of promoting your brand.

1.Gift Cards as a Loyalty Program
One of the best marketing and promotion avenues for any business is to use gift cards as a customer loyalty program. Base your gift program on the number of purchases and the total amount spent. For example, spend $100 and earn a $10 gift card for your next purchase. If your avg ticket is $50 – $70 this will encourage your customers to spend more to earn a gift card.

2.Create a Social Media Campaign
Social media and influencer marketing are the two most popular promotional tools today. If you want to give your gift card program a boost, then invest in social media. Base your gift loyalty program on a social media campaign that highlights the exclusive rewards loyal customers would receive.

3.Co-Op Loyalty Cards
Another profitable way to promote your gift cards is to give your customers a co-op gift card. For example, you can collaborate up with another business and offer a collective discount and free giveaways if you purchase from any of the companies. A Co-op loyalty card is an excellent way to promote loyalty gift cards. It encourages customers to focus on the two brands that are offering special discounts and giveaways in the gift card.

  1. Offer exclusive gift card products
    Offer products or services that can only be purchased with gift cards. A unique sweater, item, or piece to a collection. For instance, your retail store can sell a jacket, but you can notify your customer the matching hat is only available online for simply $13 and it can only be purchased with a gift card. If your starting gift card is $25 or $50 This will encourage them to spend more.

For more info on credit card processing or the ability to accept gift cards for your business, contact us today.

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