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Mother's Day Marketing Ideas

5 Marketing Ideas to Prepare Your Business for Mother’s Day

May 10th, 2019

The National Retail Federation reported Mother’s Day is the third largest spending holiday in the United States. 84% of Americans celebrate this day every year. Last year a total of 23.1 billion dollars was spent on Mother’s Day. Many businesses can benefit from such a big holiday which can create more brand awareness and revenue.

  1. Offer a personalize product

Some examples of this can be a coffee shop creating a theme of cups to sell on mothers day. This is how a company can take advantage of foot traffic and increase sales. A hair salon can create a care package where it includes a list of services bundled into a Mother’s Day makeover. Restaurants can offer tables of 4 or more a desert and hallmark card signed by the entire family wishing a Happy Mother’s Day. Become creative and personalize your product and services for Mother’s day.

2. Create A Giveaway And Make Your Customers Stars

Creating giveaways always brings excellent attention especially when they are creative and fun. For clothing stores looking to brand you can create a social media campaign promoting your latest Jean collection. Hashtags #IlovemymomandJeans and repost your customer’s pics this allows your brand to build an identity and a human connection. Reward the customer with the most likes and comments with a branded gift card of $XXX.

3. Run Special Promotions For Mother’s Day

Create a coupon with a special gift, for example, spend $100 or more and receive free roses and a gift card for Mother’s Day. Many businesses such as spas and retailers can benefit from offering a special gift. Victoria Secret is famous for providing products or blankets for customers that spend up to a certain amount.

4. Update Your Website Landing Page ( Happy Mother’s Day )

One of the most admired companies over the last two decades has been Apple. Apple has become one of the most beloved and socially conscious companies in the world. They achieved this by adding soul to their products and by telling their customers to think different. Apple celebrates holidays and often leave messages encouraging love and peace. Brand your business and leave a mark for Mother’s day.

5. Create A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is such an extraordinary day: how can you ever say thank you enough to the woman who created you? Finding a great gift can be a bit overwhelming; that’s why a business should create a gift guide to help customers choose the perfect gift within a price or category of products.

This Mother’s Day create some new marketing campaigns and also remember to celebrate this remarkable day. Betterpay would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and business moms as we can’t thank you enough for always loving us. #happymothersday

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