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How Consumers React To Your Brands Colors

How Consumers React To Your Brand’s Colors

May 22nd, 2020

When you notice yellow, do you think about the sun or feel cheerful? When you observe red, do you associate it with anger, or perhaps emotion? Colors directly affect your moods, and subconsciously connects you to particular symbols or experiences.

This is an essential factor to consider when you’re picking a color scheme and crafting branded elements for your company. The palette you use for your brand can instantly turn clients on or off to your products and services.

Colors and consumers: what people think of your palette

What kinds of connotations do your branded materials have? Research by 99designs and a recent study by Vistaprint about color psychology showed the following associations people make with specific colors, and which industries each work best for:

  • Red: excitement, passion, anger, love, danger, strength (example industries: retail, fitness, travel)

  • Orange: invigoration, energy, value, honesty (example industries: construction, lawn service, farming)

  • Yellow: friendliness, youth, cheer, warmth, sunshine (example industries: heating repair, travel, pool services)

  • Green: nature, environmental responsibility, sustainability (example industries: agriculture, education, environment)

  • Blue: maturity, trust, competence, dependability, security (example industries: finance, business, travel, technology, health care, real estate, entertainment)

  • Purple: wisdom, sophistication, glamour, elegance, style (example industries: beauty, arts, clothing)

  • Pink: femininity, beauty, friendliness (example industries: beauty, floral, fashion)

  • Brown: ruggedness, masculinity, seriousness, endurance (example industries: fitness, construction, auto repair)

  • White: purity, cleanliness, simplicity (example industries: business, medical, technology)

  • Black: slickness, luxury, strength, tradition, formality (example industries: car repair, religion, fashion)

  • Gray: impartiality, composure, neutrality, balance (example industries: legal, finance, counseling)

What are the best colors for business?

The most common color for businesses is blue. When you think of the businesses that use blue, Facebook or Intel may come to mind. Many companies prefer a minimalist approach to logos and use only one or two colors in their logos. Other companies, such as Google, have found success with many colors, but most do better with fewer colors. 

You’ll also want to consider what your competitors are doing. Rather than choosing the same hues as other organizations in your industry, stand out by choosing a more original color scheme that still achieves your desired psychological positioning.

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