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How to get the most out of Father’s Day as a small business

How To Get The Most Out Of Father’s Day As A Small Business

June 19th, 2020

It’s clear that Father’s Day drives more customers to supermarkets, grocers, butchers, movie theaters, and golf courses. But there’s a good chance that all of these businesses across the country aren’t taking full advantage of the extra business Father’s Day can drive through their doors. Restaurants and other food stores might consider adding special items to the menu for Father’s Day or run sales specials. Other types of retailers that typically don’t see huge boosts for Father’s day might run special “bring dad in” sales specials to spread the word and drum up excitement.

In which states is Father’s Day the biggest?

Father’s Day itself was the #2 Sunday of the year for grocers and supermarkets, with 18% more revenue and 12% more transactions, and the week of Father’s Day was the #3 week of the entire year.

As we’ve reported earlier, grocery stores and supermarkets experienced huge surges in sales this spring as Americans stocked up on supplies to prepare to shelter in place. As a result, Father’s Day might not top the 2020 charts like it did in 2019, but we still expect restaurants across America to be plenty busy this year as well.

For restaurants, California, Maryland (their #2 day of the year for restaurants), Minnesota (#7), New Jersey (#9), and Illinois (#9) performed best on Sunday.

Saturday revenue was hottest in South Carolina (their #1 day of the year for restaurants), Washington, Colorado, Iowa (#2), New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan (#3), California, Oregon, and Virginia (#4).

Supermarkets in Arizona (+95% increase in consumer spending), Arkansas (+91%), Iowa (+86%), Utah (+81%), and Indiana (+76%) performed the best on the Saturday before Father’s day.

As noted above, golf courses make major bank on Father’s Day weekend, with 20 states experiencing a mindblowing increase in average revenue of 90% or better.

For Saturday, Oklahoma golf courses tied for the largest increase in revenue at 270%, but Virginia (+268%), Oregon (+195%), Georgia (+154%), and New Jersey (+154%) also saw gigantic gains.

Average revenue on Father’s Day itself was also huge in several states, with New Jersey taking the prize with a whopping 268% increase. Virginia (+198%), Washington (+148%), Illinois (+141%), and Oregon (+132%) round out the top 5 states for that Sunday.

Finally, if you truly want to get the biggest benefit from these holidays that drive extra customers to your door, you need to make sure you have a way to easily collect customer information to bring those people back repeatedly.

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